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Most Romanians love to chat about their country, its politics, problems and history. Ignore all of the services on offer here, be it currency exchange or limousines to the city centre.

You will see signs pointing you towards trains to Gara de Nord: ignore them. You first have to take a bus to the airports train station, and the trains themselves run irregularly.

Bucharest - in Your Pocket - April-May 2010

Bus or taxi remains your best bet. You will be set upon by taxi drivers offering you a ride to the city centre: ignore them, they are crooks. Swear at them if you have to: they will eventually get the message. Outside you will instead find a line up of shiny, expensive but generally honest taxis. Their cabs will display an Airport sign.

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  • The transformation of the area - which, it should be pointed out is far from complete - has been amazing.
  • Bucharest - in Your Pocket - April-May

A ride to the city centre with one of these smiling Charlies will set you back around That is about three times the cost of taking a normal Bucharest taxi, from a company such as Cristaxi tel. You can call one but you will have to go and meet it at the entrance to the car park.

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Instead, the easiest way to get a cheap taxi is simply to walk through to departures turn right as you exit baggage claim and take a regular taxi as it drops somebody off. There is a regular stream of these and you should never have to wait too long.

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You can also get to town by taking bus Nwhich stops underneath the arrivals hall, in front of the internal flights terminal. It leaves for the city centre stopping at Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana and Piata Universitatii every 30 minutes from until Tickets costing 7 lei valid for two trips need to be purchased before boarding from the little booth which youll find on your right hand side as you exit the airport building.

Arriving at Baneasa Baneasa is much closer to the city centre than Otopeni. There is an ATM in arrivals, and avoid the currency exchange booth: a rip-off.

Bus routes and stop outside, both terminating at Piata Romana. A standard RATB ticket costing 1.

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Express bus N runs direct from Baneasa to Gara de Nord, and tickets cost 3. Taxis wait outside, but make sure you take one belonging to a trusted company see Taxis, page eight. The fare to town should cost no more than 35 lei, and take 15 minutes depending on traffic.

You do not need to use the city code, whether calling from a landline or a mobile. Emergency call centre operators are all meant to speak English or French but in our experience they do not always do so.

If you can, ask a Romanian to call; at least make sure you know the name of the street you are calling from.

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If you get into trouble with the Police, demand to call your embassy. There is a full list on pages 75 and The citys main police station is the brand new building at B-4 Str. Lascar Cartagiu 22, tel. More details in the Health box on page There is a list of Pharmacies on page 76, and English speaking Dentists on page There is almost no violent crime. However, if you go looking for trouble by visiting rough areas, such as Ferentari or Salaj, you will find plenty.

Petty crime on the other hand is a major problem.

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Pickpockets are ubiquitous on public transport, in crowded bars and pubs and even in restaurants beware that young lad trying to sell you a rose. Etiquette In their own homes, Romanians are by and large fabulous hosts. You had better be hungry, because the food never stops coming. On and on, dish after dish. You must bring something: flowers, chocolates or a bottle of good whisky. You will probably be offered local brandy, uica. Most Romanians love to chat about their country, its politics, problems and history.

Dont be surprised if they ask you very direct questions. In all cases, be diplomatic in response.

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The order of chemicals along the rungs of the ladder forms the unique DNA code of every human. At that time, they could have walked across the dry land here.

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Louis Evidence of horse hunting from 11, years ago has been found here, including blades and bones marked by butchering. They suggest that humans explored North America along its coast. Experts think that 50, years ago, there were only 1 million people on the Earth. Tools, blades, and spearheads discovered here may be 16,—19, years old. Taima Taima, Venezuela Spearheads such as those from St.

Louis belong to the Clovis culture, widespread in North America 13,—9, years ago.

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Spearheads and the cut bones of mastodons extinct elephants showed that human hunters were here up to 14, years ago. One population ventured into the Middle East more thanyears ago, but most humans seem to have stayed in Africa for the next 85, years. Humans left Africa more permanently 65, years ago. Their journey—made over many generations— took humans to Asia, Europe, Australia, and, eventually, to the Americas.

It scraped huge hollows as it crept over the land. When it melted, the hollows became the Great Lakes. Smilodon American mastodon.