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This is an update of an earlier briefing issued in advance of the European elections. EU policies — Delivering for citizens: Fisheries The European Union has sole responsibility for the conservation of its marine fisheries resources, and manages them under the common fisheries policy CFP. Aflați mai multe despre Coworking Abonament de coworking Acces la mii de spații de coworking cu ziua ori pentru 5, 10 sau un număr nelimitat de zile în fiecare lună.

I improved a little the template stub you began.

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It was really a lot of work making this wiki as it is now translating the interface. That guy, the "Torino troll" that uses to criticize on Main Page talk, did not make a single attempt to contribute here to see how hard it is at the beginning of this wiki, how new workmaking evolves since there are a lot of neologisms, scientific terms that need to be established to make rmy.

As for Devanagari, as I repeated earlier it is not imposed to anyone, the one who wants to write only in Latin, can do it without any problem.

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As for representativity, I'm sorry that the other Romani contributor, Naayram only in the early stagesdoes not have a full-time home Internet connection to see the others how representative is writing in Devanagari by literate Roma. And let's see in the future when there will be contributors speaking more dialects, how will we understand the pronunciation of words in different dialects, if not but through Devanagari.

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I improved also, the article about Devanagari, about the writing rules. The vowels have two writing forms: one standing alone, at the beginning of the word or after another vowel and the other one after a consonant.

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In particular, adoption of multiannual plans has become a priority, to ensure long-term management of stocks. An obligation to land all catches was designed to end the practice of discarding fish back into the sea.

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The reform also introduced regionalisation of decision-making, with the possibility to adopt conservation measures based on joint recommendations by the Member States concerned. Implementation of the reformed CFP was the main feature of the parliamentary term, with legislative work making headway on several important topics.

A series of multiannual plans have been launched, and four of them, concerning fisheries in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Western Waters and the western Mediterranean, are now in force. The landing obligation has been phased in, as scheduled, from to The EU adopted an updated framework for collection of fisheries data to support management decisions, as well as a new system of fishing authorisations improving the monitoring of EU vessels fishing outside EU waters.

EU activities have also covered different aspects of the CFP's external dimension, such as conclusion of fisheries agreements with third countries, and participation new workmaking international fisheries governance.

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