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Line 39 is the only route to carry a frequent service. The most recent development has been the reopening of the southern line to C. This has been addressed in recent years with a massive new viaduct spanning these multiple tracks, with an elevated station for tramway passengers reached by stairways and lifts not always in working order. Köhler, and culminated in cars from Germany West and East and Switzerland — and more recently Austria and the Netherlands — finding their way to most Romanian tramways. Various tram types operate upon it but it is also here that the largest number of new low-floor cars will be found. Often the route layout and provision of alternative tracks on this system allows for maintenance of operation on unaffected sections by judicious temporary service reorganisation.

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Long-term re-routeing during track reconstruction in the steeply-graded Str. Basarabiei during the s and early s resulted in a lengthy diversion via Str. Bucoviniei; some of the latter track has since been lifted following completion of the reconstruction works. Traffic to and from the steelworks, now operated by Arcelor Mittal, has traditionally been of great importance but a significant change in fortunes trolley dating place in September when all operation to the steelworks abruptly ceased.

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This was mainly the result of major faults detected in the long viaduct spanning the valley and main railway line that linked Str Basarabiei with the works, as a result of which there was a fear that the structure was in danger of collapse. The entire viaduct closed to all traffic except cyclists and pedestrians and tram service was curtailed to a turning circle at Liceul-9 at the eastern end, a short distance from the main operating depot near Piaţa Energiei.

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The steelworks itself is under threat of closure and has been subject to reduced employment for some time. Following emergency repairs to the viaduct, however, limited tram operation resumed on 29 June ; a local shuttle route within the area of the steelworks, requiring double-ended or coupled cars, was discontinued at an earlier date.

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Initial rolling stock for the standard-gauge system came with Tatra Trolley dating cars delivered new. A small number survived on the roster until recently, while other Tatra T4D bogie cars were later acquired from Dresden and Magdeburg but all are now withdrawn.

Other early acquisitions were five motor and trailer Grossraum sets of class L bogie cars from Frankfurt-am-Main and it is perhaps surprising that three of these motor cars remain; one has been adapted for works duties but at least one other was receiving workshop attention in April for continued service.

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Around seven serviceable former Berlin KT4D articulated cars also remain available for traffic. Following re-opening of the viaduct the following regular routes were in operation: 6 Arcelor Mittal — Bazinul Nou ; 7 Micro 19 — Piaţa Centrală and 39 Cimitir Israelit — Micro 19 Micro is the Romanian term for a housing estate composed of high-rise flats.

Line 39 is the only route to carry a frequent service.

In a two-part series, Mike Russell explores the fascinating development, recent reconstruction and current tramway operations in the eastern half of this central European nation. As a nation Romania is a relatively recent formation, created in the midth Century from the former trolley dating of Wallachia and Moldavia that were under Turkish suzerainty. Discord arising from this settlement manifested itself immediately and remains evident in places even today. The tramways of Romania can be clearly divided into two categories — or, more strictly, one plus another with two sub-divisions.

The section beyond Bariera Traian to Cimitir Israelit had been out of use for many years and was only recently reinstated. Galaţi also has a two-route trolleybus system, recently re-equipped with three Astra T vehicles assembled in Romania and ten MAZ T trolleybuses built in Belarus.

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It is intended to buy 14 new vehicles. It may seem surprising that a visitor to Galaţi could spend time in the city and remain blissfully unaware of the existence of the tramway, even at its full extent.

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None of the routes penetrate the city centre proper, the terminus at Piaţa Centrală currently out of use due to reconstruction works being some way north of the parts frequented by visitors.

The network, developed primarily as an adjunct to the steelworks, would not be visible to any but the most intrepid visitor.

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Tickets can be pre-purchased from kiosks or drivers and are priced at RON1. Iaşi Nestling amongst the foothills of the scenic north-eastern region of Romania, only a short distance from obțineți dating borders with the former Soviet republics of Moldova and Ukraine, is trolley dating historic and attractive city of Iaşi, today with a population of around Electric tramways came to Iaşi in March They were the first public transport in the city — many of the streets were too steep for horse-drawn operation.

Under the Communist era, Iaşi expanded with large high-rise housing developments to the west of the old city for workers in the newly-developed industrial zone to the south and east. The old tram system was greatly enlarged to cope with trolley dating increased transport needs and eventually a network of 12 routes was in operation.

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The old depot close to the railway station was complemented by a new facility a few hundred metres beyond the new terminus at Dacia, one of the new multi-storey housing developments, and both remain in use today. Parts of Iaşi are hilly and the trams provide useful connections. Between the city centre at Târgu Cucu and the intermediate turning loop at Tatăraşi Nord, a steep declivity takes the cars first down to a crossing with Bulevardul Tudor Vladimirescu and then up again on reserved trolley dating towards Tatăraşi.

On the northern line to Copou, which climbs continuously after taking the junction trolley dating of Piaţa Unirii, high volumes of traffic are generated from the university quarter through which this route passes on its way to the terminus. As elsewhere in Romania, extensive track upgrading has taken place in recent years.

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The link along Str. Anastasie Panu, passing the impressive Palace, reopened in after a lengthy closure, whilst planned track reconstruction through the industrial zone of Calea Chişinăului has also been finished. The future of the segment from Tepro to Ţuţora, currently closed, is uncertain.

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