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For years, shooters were coveted as that one genre you couldn't put on a console. Some may have even been intentionally bad.

Any developer who would dismiss PC because they think consoles vastly outnumber it would seriously be underestimating the size of the PC gaming community and would be losing out on a significant amount of potential profits.

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It's simple economics that ignoring PC is a foolish business move. While it's not the most scientific statistic out there, it shows that a sizable amount of developers do develop for PC first. It shows that developers do priortize PC or at the very least develop with it in mind.

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Developers do understand the importance of developing for PC. It's a gigantic community. Why would anyone in their right mind be willing to leave that much money on the table? The idea that consoles are more important to developers probably stemmed from the hype train AAA studios jumped on after Halo was released. Halo proved that with an intricate enough aim assist system, console shooters could be done somewhat competently. AAA studios exploited the hell out of ping limit warframe console market once that happened, which led to the misconception that developers care more about consoles than PC.

Could you really blame them? For years, shooters were coveted as that one genre you couldn't put on a console.

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Now there's a console FPS that was actually playable? Of course everyone was gonna start making FPS games with consoles in mind. But that didn't mean they had less interest in PC. They all still knew that PC is still the most important platform and the only one where games can be at their best.

It's just that now, consoles were a viable platform to put your games on alongside PC. Now yes, some games have really bad PC versions. Some may have even been intentionally bad.


But those are very few and far between. To this day, most games are developed for PC first or with PC in mind. It's simple economics that the largest single gaming platform in the world would be the most important one to developers.

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StormKinG4LAcum 6 luni Did you try to play the multiplayer NobleBuildAcum 6 luni I'm not sure what the hell they were smoking when they ported Halo 4 to pc, but I'm running it maxed out at p using an Intel iu and a pcie 1x adapted RX 4gb and I'm landing 60fps. It's literally the only Halo game that's locked onto a console.

Even the Spartan Assault games are on PC now.

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Halo 4 still looks amazing now, the One X Enhancements were out of this world, can't imagine how they could get better on PC, but I guess we'll find out : ArkanisAcum 7 luni never played any of the halos but imust be honest you come accross biased with regards to keyboard and mouse vs controller Timothy BucciAcum 7 luni Did Halo 5 ever fix the weird animation of movement that is a long distance away?

I thought Halo 4 looked better.

I want H1 to thrive on PC. Here's hopping cross-play rises the tide of all the boats StormKinG4LAcum 7 luni I remember when me and my friend beat the entire the game in 3 days those where the good old days DynarushAcum 7 luni I've just come across your channel and I'm really impressed.

You are a natural and I love learning more about Halo's lore. Keep up the good work! George ButzAcum 7 luni This is the best idea ever.

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Fight me! The slayer dogAcum 7 luni Halo 4 and Halo 5 are terrible and do not deserve to be on PC just pretend they don't exist Halo 5 has a half decent story but the gameplay is meant for COD fans and does not feel like Halo at all this problem is also evident with the new gears of war series which also sucks ElliottEatsAcum 7 luni Is this not free on Gamepass anymore?

CastledCardAcum 7 luni The main difference between late 7th gen and 8th gen is usually the textures.

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Fight me. Sucks to be missing just a single title.

Campaign may have sucked, but I'd love to play that multiplayer on PC. ADE Marc AlexanderAcum 7 luni I still believe Reach was more impressive on technical level all considering: mostly huge areas filled with a platea of NPCs running on complex AI routines and fantastic looking particle effects!

Halo 4 reduced all those aspects that made the game great in first place for the sole sake of more geometry.

Moses KeckAcum 4 luni the Halo 3 vehicle turn speed is a fickle matter. It breaks balance in this sense, as the bullet will fire where your crosshair is, NOT where the turret points. Very difficult sneaking up on pc player wraiths and tanks when they can spin around and shoot you faster than a console player Solace in EverythingAcum 4 luni Yes!!! More short videos as well!!!

It did look pretty though, I give you that! All Things Awesome GamingAcum 7 luni 4k is not the limit, nor is fps. I've played all the campaigns on a hz monitor. SeijenAcum 7 luni 1 thing that bugged me was how strong the battle rifle and assault rifle were.

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Sam M. EDIT: I believe it adds portability for people who play on laptops, like me. I can play during my lunch break for 20 minutes before heading back.

It's like a slightly less convenient Nintendo Switch. I have a PC and I just feel like there are better options for the types of games that I want. If I uncap my framerate, my attack-speed is higher!

I can deliver more blows in a shorter amount of time! The same is true if I play at 30 fps, my attack-speed will suffer immensely.

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Now imagine that phenomena on a CoD server… : 0 Now here is the main problem: I actually think Warframe will select the worst performing computer to be the Host.

The faster machines will need to sync up which actually requires more computing power than running the listen server.

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So whenever you have a low speccer with way too ambitious graphical settings in your party, you are forced to sync up to that computer. And because Warframe syncs up with a very raw fps net-code, we are all forced to endure this low frame-rate of the host.