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On our way we will pass through thelocalities of Sarasău and Câmpulung la Tisa, with a view on the right side over Tisa River towards theUkrainian villages, near the Romania - Ukraine border. Artworks:Wooden gates in U. The economicrecession has seriously affected the mountains. Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future ChallengesFrom the centre of Săpânţa village, we go onwards for about m along the right side of Săpânţastream to the Monastery of Săpânţa-Peri. The kiln oven in which the earthenware is fired at high degrees is hundreds of years old and has kept its originalshape.

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Şincai Str. Unirii Str. They displayed their artwork to numerous exhibitions earning numerous prizes anddistinctions. Artworks:Wooden gates in U. Address: Bârsana village, no. Webpage: woodenartmaramures. He makes straw hats for men and fine strips of poplar wood.

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Address: Sârbi village, no. Heworks with red ceramics of Săcel that preserves the features of the Dacian ceramics. The old shapes of theformer clay pots have been preserved for generations. Clay is very malleable and has got special waterprooflevel. This is why ceramics have no need for enamel coating. Clay is very homogenous and rich. The kiln oven in which the earthenware is fired at high degrees is hundreds of years old and has kept its originalshape. Address: Săcel village, no.


Shehas made summer and winter traditional clothes, carpets, towels, whos dating romeo miller cloths, counterpanes, bags, collarsand everything necessary for the house and family. She usually dyes the wool in natural traditional colours.

She participated in exhibitions and traditional fairs all over the country and abroad Italy, Poland, CzechRepublic, and Hungary. She is member in The Traditional Craftsmen Association.

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Her husband and sons arewood workers of traditional gates, houses and wooden churches. Address: Slătioara village, Maramureş. Address: Săcel Village, no. Between and Dumitru Pop, called Tincu, learnt all the secrets of thiscraft.

After the death of the founder he has remained the most known disciple of the craftsman, still workingin his wood-carving workshop and making the crosses for the cemetery of Săpânţa.

Destinations Time minutes Period1 D 1 30 The Monastery of Săpânţa-Peri 60 The Monastery of Bârsana 60 Lunch 60 Wood carving workshop 60 Traditional hydraulic facilities, Sârbi village 30 Special dinner, Mara village Lookout point over Ocna Şugatag town — Whos dating romeo miller 15 Jan A. MOYA, A. Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future ChallengesThe field trip itinerary includes a mixture of specific traditional elements of the authentic MaramureşLand, a series of tourist brands, some exceptional elements of nature and a rich tourist animation.

The fieldtrip will whos dating romeo miller all day and we will go by bus to all the destinations included in the tour programme. Map of the field trip. We areheading west along Tisa Corridor to Săpânţa village at a 17 km distance. On our way we will pass through thelocalities of Sarasău and Câmpulung la Tisa, with a view on the right side over Tisa River towards theUkrainian villages, near the Romania - Ukraine border. The Merry Cemetery of SăpânţaIt represents a completely unique place of Maramureş Land especially because of the feelings itgenerates when looking at the wooden crosses decorated with various drawings and folk texts inspired fromthe life and death of the buried ones.

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The ritual of transcending is exposed according to the Dacian culture,culture in which death was seen as a reason of joy. It is also known the fact that Dacian people weremonotheist and considered themselves immortals. This cemetery was firstly founded whos dating romeo miller the craftsman StanIoan Pătraş inbecoming widely known after Also, from here we can see the stone of Săpânţa, onthe volcano plateau of Igniş.

Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future ChallengesFrom the centre of Săpânţa village, we go onwards for about m along the right side of Săpânţastream to the Monastery of Săpânţa-Peri. The Monastery of Săpânţa-PeriThis monastery is noteworthy due to two important aspects. It is considered a continuation of thewell-known monastery of Peri, founded by the voivodes warlords of Maramureş, first attested in the 14thcentury as a place of maximum importance for the Romanian population and culture.

Also, the churchof this monastery is an architectural work of art by its whos dating romeo miller 75 m highraw materials oak wood and stonefor the foundation and decorations. Presently, it is considered to be the highest wooden church in Romania and maybe in Europe. It islocated in the Tisa corridor, on a fluvial terrace in a nature reserve of oak trees. From Săpânţa, we continue our trip towards the former communist prison, now datând un tip într-un scaun cu rotile yahoo into amuseum.


The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance, SighetuMarmaţiei former communist prison This prison was constructed by the Austro-Hungarian authorities in After the Second World War it was transformed into detention prison for the extermination of theRomanian intellectual elite.

In it became detention for a group of students, pupils and peasants ofMaramureş, whereas on Maythere were brought to the penitentiary of Sighetu Marmaţiei over clerks from all over the country former ministers, academicians, economists, militaries, historians,journalists, politicians some of them condemned to severe punishments, others not even judged.

Most ofthem were over 60 years old. After the events of Decemberthe former prison, not running since ,entered the process of transformation into museum. It has to be mentioned the fact that visiting this museum can be traumatising, the level of abjectionand decadence of the people in the totalitarian communist period being incredible.

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From Sighetu Marmaţiei we will continue our trip towards Bârsana village, along Iza river, for about20 km distance. In Bârsana village we will have two stopovers.

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Firstly we will visit Bârsana Monasteryand secondly a wood workshop to observe the traditional technique of wood carving. This is also the placewhere we will have lunch.

Wood carving workshop of Toader Bârsan, Bârsana villageMaramureş Land is considered whos dating romeo miller be the land of wooden churches and of wood carving. This craft isstill alive, many of the Romanian craftsmen still constructing, carving and passing on the Maramureş art ofwood carving in Romania and abroad.

There are numerous craftsmen in various villages of Maramureş Land, but most of them can befound in Bârsana village. One of them is Toader Bârsan, who, together with his sons, works at home in itsown wood workshop.

Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future ChallengesBefore going back to Sighetu Marmaţiei, we will make a short stop for having a view overMaramureş. Lookout point over Ocna Şugatag townNearby the northernmost point of the Mara — Cosău interfluve, there is a great lookout point overMaramureş.

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This view at the end of the day will fulfil and maintain in the mind of every participant a right andlong-lasting image of what Maramureş Land means.

Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future Challengesbased on organic fertilizers, whose absence for only years leads to irretrievable degradation. The economicrecession has seriously affected the mountains. Safeguarding is still possible, through specific amplemeasures.

The differences between the mountain development of West-South-East are too big. The weakcompetencies, as far as knowing the mountain specificity is concerned, constitute a real perril.

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A Europeanmountain strategies and national mountain policies are emergencies. Many regions requirestrategies for whos dating romeo miller management provision of clean waterrisk prevention alleviate floods, windfalls,soil erosion and the whos dating romeo miller of biological, landscape and cultural diversity.

However, some of the changes may entail environmental and social threatsaffecting forest ecosystems and their services. The recent developments in mountain regions provide formidable challenges for scientists andpractitioners: How do people see the future of mountain forests?

What are the dominant public attitudesconcerning sustainable development of mountain regions and how can they be translated into policy designsand good practices?

For example, the decline of mountain agriculture in some localities affects culturallandscapes via land abandonment followed by secondary succession to woodland vegetation. Theecosystem services obtained from mountain forests are diverse and distinctive. Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future Challengesespecially in small-scale operations. Mountain regions are often considered as marginal, and mountaincommunities particularly trans-national may whos dating romeo miller inadequate access whos dating romeo miller important decision-making fora.

Nevertheless, there are community forests in Europe that represent whos dating romeo miller models of governancesystems including multi-level governance that should be investigated and reinforced. The development ofintegrated land use systems and deliberative governance must involve collective agreement - hierarchically,inter-sectorally and spatially - on i how to attain desirable trade-offs between non-marketed andprovisioning whos dating romeo miller services in each locality, and ii policy instruments and management tools to promotetheir delivery.

Our research will contribute to improved inclusion of forests and forestry in ruralspace and recognition of the positive impacts that forests can have for the environment and people. Weanalyse experience and trends, opportunities and challenges in mountain regions 3with the emphasis onparticipatory approaches and on the development of capabilities for end-user involvement in the assessmentand implementation of multi-functional forestry as a policy priority for sustainable rural development.

Forexample, the Science for the Carpathians S4C 4 initiative attempts to integrate various regional researchthreads into a single research agenda dedicated to sustainability. Sustainability of multi-functional forestry requires high levels of stakeholder competenceand capacity-building in forest policy, land use planning and resource management. Strengtheningpartnerships of science, policy and practice, which our project seeks to foster, will assist forest managementto maintain and improve key ecosystem services and enlarge support to mountain communities.

Meantime, there are not only significant differences in earnings and revenues, in comparison tourban regions. Moreover, as generally acknowledged, the implementation of the structural and regionalpolitical measures of the EU resulted into a reduction of the disparities between member states, as the3 NEWFOREX project www.

Experience, Preservation, Trends and Future Challengesdisparities between the regions of member states the interregional disparities grew. The regions situated atthe periphery of member states, respectively at the periphery of the EU are particularly affected by thisstructural shift.

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Furthermore, a critical retrospective on the objectives andinstruments of the EU-regional and structural policy reveals some aspects on its efficiency. In this respect,the main focus lies on the EU-framework programme — and the reorientation of the policymeasures towards the regional level. Namely, the past research on the evaluation of theeffectiveness and functionality of the EU-regional policy reveals recurrent dysfunctionalities in thecommunication networks between the different decision-making and implementation levels, with theirrespective stakeholders and action spheres.

Among others, such aspects of un-coordination and uncooperationcontribute negatively to the end-effectiveness of financial support instruments and also diminishthe institutional capacity, as well as the absorption rate of member states, regions and local communities.

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Such examples of malfunctioning are particularly affecting rural regions. At the same time, there was initial irritation in the member states on the requested decentralisationand regionalisation upon the principle of subsidiarity, which was strongly advocated and financiallysupported by the EU-Commission.