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They have higher child behaviour checklist CBCL scores in the somatic problems scale as well as for anxiety, depression and social withdrawal. As a result, there is a greater risk of them becoming lonely and isolated. The main reason for the selection of this topic is to show that speech intelligibility of children with digital hearing aids and cochlear implant is influenced by many factors that have an impact on oral language development. Aspecte ale inteligibilităţii vorbirii la copiii cu dizabilități auditive Speech intelligibility in the context of hearing impairments Liana Angela ROȘCA MUŞUŢAN Abstract Speech intelligibility of people with hearing disability, who are using a conventional or digital hearing aid or a cochlear implant, is an essential factor that interferes in the communication process with people with normal hearing. This clinical term was treated very differently according to which explanatory model was adopted.

Стратмор кивнул: - Тогда мы смогли бы подменить интернетовский файл, который Танкадо собирается выбросить на рынок, нашей измененной версией.

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Поскольку «Цифровая крепость» - это японский код, никто никогда не заподозрит, что наше агентство имеет к нему отношение.

Единственное, что нам нужно, - осуществить такую подмену. Сьюзан сочла его план безукоризненным.

Вот он - истинный Стратмор.

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