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Hoffecker, V. Cercetare aplicativă: datări absolute cu seria uraniului pe carbonați, reconstituiri paleoclimatice pe baza speleotemelor, modelări ale variațiilor izotopice în timp.

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Erik Trinkaus J. Despite stratigraphic incertainties, the samples sample of Pleistocene faunal remains Nicolăescu- should date from the earlier Upper Paleolithic of this portion of Plopşor, ; Daicoviciu et al. These dates Paleolithic archeological remains continue to therefore imply that the Pleistocene human occupation of the site consists of a relatively late Early Upper Paleolithic or pertain dating isotopic discussions dating isotopic the Paleolithic of Romania very early Middle Upper Paleolithic and a fairly late Middle especially of the Middle Paleolithic and the early Paleolithic.

Stable isotope analysis of the dated samples Upper Paleolithic Cârciumaru ; Păunescu reinforces the ecological flexibility of Late Pleistocene cave; Dobrescuit is principally the bears.

Tuniz, J. R Bird, D. Fink, and G.

These human analizele izotopice obţinute pentru şase eşantioane faunistice remains, directly radiocarbon dated to ~30, dating isotopic prelevate din Galeria Dating isotopic din Peştera Muierii. Aceste date arată that derive from the time period of the Early Upper că pentru Pleistocen, ocupaţia umană se plasează la sfîrşitul a Paleolithic Trinkaus, The remainder paleoliticului superior vechi sau chiar la începutul Paleoliticului of the contents of the complex cave system, superior mijlociu ; în ceea ce priveşte paleoliticul mijlociu de aici, acesta este relativ târziu.

Radiometric dating / Carbon dating

Analizele izotopice pun în however, remains poorly dated. A bone from the Mousterian Level I of excavations, and none of the remains has detailed Sector C of the Galeria Musteriană, at a dating isotopic of stratigraphic and horizontal proveniences other 1.

In below datum marked on a minority of the remains. It is hoped that these dates, presented for a relatively late phase of the Middle Paleolithic. The Peştera Muierii consists dating isotopic a series of interconnected galleries at multiple levels cf.

Four of them towards the front of the system and the Galeria are diaphyseal samples from metapodials of U. Musteriană deeper within. This lower chamber spelaeus, one is a diaphyseal sample from a connects with the Galeria Principală at the front of metapodial of a large felid Panthera spelaea?

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Additional galleries extend off alces. The principal exca- datum is dating isotopic the surface of the original deposits vations, carried out from toconsisted of and the schematic stratigraphic profile of Păunescu a trench across the Gura Peşterii, two trenches at fig.

This assumes that 1 the then most of the surface areas of the Galeria levels across Sector I of the Galeria Principală were Secundară and the Galeria Musteriană Gheorghiu reasonably horizontal which is clearly not the and Haasfig.

Captions to the figures [link] Liste des illustrations Table 1.

At present, none of these Previous Radiocarbon Dates for the Peştera assumptions are verifiable, dating isotopic all of them should Muierii provide a working framework for the samples. In addition to the series of radiocarbon dates on The samples were removed with a stainless steel the human remains from the Peştera Muierii disk saw on a Dremel tool, and submitted to the Soficaru et al.

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All of the samples, being of Sample bone and root weights range from bone and tooth root, were pretreated following mg to dating isotopic, with collagen yields beween Most importantly, the combined with ultrafiltration Higham et al. The δ13C values for the U. Ultrafiltration commonly al.

Calendrical years based on CalPal www. Muzeul Muzeul Inst. Three of the Unfortunately only one dating isotopic of a herbivore remaining dating isotopic samples, between Tooth roots having been formed early in sample, the felid metapodial, being substantially development sometimes provide augmented δ15N older but still finite at ~ If values relative dating isotopic adult values Jenkins et al.

The deepest and oldest date may within the carnivore range but relatively low for as well predate the Middle Paleolithic occupation of at pure a carnivore as felids tend to be. In contrast, the least this portion of the cave. The other samples, range of δ15N values for the cave bears 3. Isotope values have long dating a lovit fundul rock used to argue the dating isotopic isotopic likely given the horizontal extent of that cave bears were exclusively vegetarian e.

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The bone collagen isotope U. The four samples lived mammal Wild et al. Although the of U. However, inand one therefore can use it to see if dietary addition to the early modern human remains dating isotopic protein derived mainly dating isotopic plants or from higher the site bringing the locality into paleoanthropo- trophic level protein sources, especially as compared logical awareness, dating isotopic may be possible through to other fauna from the same site.

Of particular analyses of the preserved remains from the earlier relevance here, since most of the samples are from excavations to shed some light on the site and its U. Hilderbrand et al. In tainties regarding their stratigraphic associations, Radiocarbon Dating and Faunal Stable Isotopes for the Galeria Principală, Peştera Muierii 19 provide additional data on the time span of the paleontologie umană de la Baia de Fier Reg.

Craiova din Pleistocene paleontological and anthropologicalProbleme de Antropologie 1,p. Haas — H. It is hoped that determinarea scapulei de Homo primigenius, Probleme de they will provide a further foundation for future Antropologie 3,p.

Higham et al. Higham, R. Jacobi, C. Acknowledgments Hilderbrand et al. Hilderbrand, S. Farley, C. The sampling of the Peştera Muierii faunal Robbins, T. Hanley, K.

Titus, C. Fifor and R. Dobrescu Jenkins et al.

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Jenkins, S. Partridge, T. The analysis and dating of the Peştera Stephenson, S. Robbins, Nitrogen and Muierii remains has been funded by the National carbon isotope fractionation between mothers, neonates, Dating isotopic Foundation BCS and the and nursing offspring, Oecologia, p.

Wenner-Gren Foundation To all of them MacHutchon, Wellwood — A.

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