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De Europese Commissie heeft echter van Moskou niets te leren over beïnvloeding. I wonder if he minds about the use of illegal ads? Od tamtego zdarzenia minęło już jednak trochę czasu. La Pologne a un littoral assez long à la mer Baltique et vous pouvez traverser la frontière vers l'Allemagne, la République tchèque, la Slovaquie, l'Ukraine, la Biélorussie, la Lituanie et la Russie Kaliningrad. Ja, und wir haben auch die autokratischen Gebaren des EP-Präsidenten Tajani ausgehalten, dessen sogenannte Anhörung uns weltweit gewissermaßen zum Gespött gemacht hat.

Tak, stosownie zareagujemy.

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With more of our lives taking place online and increasing consumer choice, people can, femme ucraina dating do, get up and leave when that trust is damaged. What happened with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica was an unacceptable abuse on a vast scale. Everyone can agree that this must not happen again, and I have been supportive of the ongoing investigations.

It has already issued a fine to Facebook. Cambridge Analytica is no more.

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It is femme ucraina dating that Facebook does not walk away from this scandal unscathed. Nor is it our role to tell users how they should react. Most Europeans have not given up their Facebook account. Clear legal limits and strict conditions on political profiling have been imposed by the new GDPR rules.

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Therefore, we should allow the GDPR time to bed in before we throw the baby out femme ucraina dating the bathwater and start to chuck more legislation at the problem. People would have voted for them regardless of Facebook. It was already prevalent in our society. The GDPR is not perfect, but at the speed at which technology moves and innovation moves, any new laws in this area need to keep up with the modern world.

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We should focus on addressing this, rather than trying to point-score by taking dangerous steps to suspend the privacy shield which is proposed in the resolution we will vote on later. This would deny our citizens the protections that it offers. We should be looking at the means that the data protection authorities have in order to tackle the challenges on the table.

For example, the Dutch Data Protection Authority has about staff.

They cannot fight Facebook. Secondly, you say that the investigations are advancing.

But are they advancing fast enough? You say Facebook is trying to fix its mistakes. I hear that now Whatsapp is being used increasingly to spread all sorts of nonsense online.

That b vier dating brings me to new legislation.

Contrary to Mr Dalton, I do believe that we need further legislation in the form of e-privacy, which is indeed being blocked by the Council, but the right-wing parties in this House have also voted against it. How can you do that? Applause I think we also need to recognise that, in our very legitimate aim to strengthen security, we have very often very rapidly passed legislation that undermines the privacy and femme ucraina dating legal protection of our citizens, and risks undermining the rule of law and democracy as well.

We should have a proper evaluation before coming up with, yet again, new instruments for massive the collection and processing of personal data.

Finally, on a fake news and disinformation. I think we need a proper legal definition of fake news.

I mean I may think that one of my colleagues in this House is spreading fake news, and they probably think that I am. Where do you draw the line between a political view and fake news? We need a proper legal definition before we take any measures against fake news, because otherwise it becomes arbitrary and then we are undermining our democracy for real. The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal is not simply a privacy scandal. It is a threat to our democracies. The consequences are dramatic.

This can even lead to voter manipulation, and there is a lot of evidence that shows that this is exactly what happened. Facebook is a very powerful platform with huge femme ucraina dating on our private lives, but also on our political life.

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If we want to safeguard our democracy, we need clear and strict rules for such online platforms. Dating snsd is good, but it is femme ucraina dating not enough. We cannot leave it to companies like Facebook to decide who gets to see what political content just before the elections.

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We need to make sure that all voters have access to the same information, and we need to ban micro-targeting of political advertising.

Member States need to do this very soon if we want to make sure that the European elections in May are undistorted by dubious dark ads and by political manipulation. Ich femme ucraina dating, dass wir bislang als Parlament unseren Job gemacht haben.

Ja, und wir haben auch die autokratischen Gebaren des EP-Präsidenten Tajani ausgehalten, dessen sogenannte Anhörung uns weltweit gewissermaßen zum Gespött gemacht hat.

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Aber gut — wir haben eine Entschließung, wir haben Positionierungen, und wir haben ein vernünftiges Statement auch der Kommissarin. Jetzt wollen wir Konsequenzen haben, denn es geht um die Geschäftsgebaren von Facebook, die es zulassen, im großen Stil Daten für sogenannte Forschungszwecke zu benutzen — tatsächlich aber für politische Zwecke auszunutzen, zu missbrauchen. Mit Cambridge Analytica wurde ja nicht nur schlechthin gegen Datenschutzrecht verstoßen, sondern gewissermaßen stabsmäßig Datenmissbrauch betrieben.