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In plus, tendinta este ca tot mai multe firme care fac outsourcing sa intre in Romania. La finele anului trecut, dupa sase luni de functionare, firma Voin Traduceri Tehnice inregistra o cifra de afaceri de

Please, let me tell you. The title is Deadly Party, a satire of an ostentatious wedding, amid the restrictions due to COVID19, to which that same de facto attorney general -who now feels the offended victim- went to.

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So, they sent and received invitations. They hired people to manage the catering, the bar and the service, ushers, security, bodyguards, ushers, decorators. Apparently, the general prosecutor´s mother has been hospitalized for COVID19 after also attending the coronawedding. It is important to take into account that the health system in Venezuela is collapsed and no oxygen nor beds available. Blocking millions of vaccines for the people while the high ranking members of the Maduro hierarchy have already been vaccinated.

Patrea Mea A4, Ana Blandiana The people of Venezuela are suffering the oppression of the cruelest and inhumane regime that Latin America has ever lived: the Nicolás Maduro dictatorship. Venezuelans struggle to regain our freedom, our democracy, and the Rule of Law. To exemplify our reality let me share with the readers, a recent event that might remind them of the recent history of these European regions, as I write from Romania. An unlawful and arbitrary arrest, that shows in a glimpse what Venezuelans are struggling against.

There is an estimated that calculates the real figures of daily infected is 15 times the official number, that would put Venezuela in 27, infected per day while I write these words. So as anyone can understand, the irresponsible behavior of the powerful is what María wrote about in a country that has had a Complex Humanitarian Crisis since before COVID19 hit the stage.

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For publishing her words, María assumes the duty to show what is happening in Venezuela in these dating profil writer of pain, scarcity, and suffering —produced intentionally by the de facto regime of Nicolás Maduro. Terror with a capital letter, as capital crimes have been and are committed over the Venezuelan people by a soulless dictator. Our writers, like so many other Venezuelans, are now in the tradition of the culture of resistance.

In the meantime, María and her husband, writer and poet, were presented before the court and now they are now under restrained liberty.

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They are forbidden to write publicly and they took away their phones. They want to show that they can do what they want and that they can imprison whoever they want and release them whenever they want.

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It is sad to say this, but it could have been the worst. Intocmai majoritatii absolventilor facultatii de limbi straine, Doru Sorin Voin si-a dorit ca dupa terminarea studentiei sa lucreze ca traducator.

Joi, 30 septembrieDoru Voin, manager VTT Companiile specializate in outsourcing care activeaza pe piata romaneasca prefera sa subcontracteze partea de technical writing si de aceea potentialul pietei este destul de ridicat. Piata de technical writing se ridica in prezent la circa Cititi povestea primei firme de technical writing din Romania, VTT.

Absolvise sectia turca-romana si in s-a angajat ca traducator pentru Corpul Expertilor Contabili din Romania. Dupa trei ani s-a mutat la o firma unde se ocupa de traducere din engleza americana in limba romana pentru o platforma contabila a companiei Oracle.

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Meseria de localizator de software, destul de raspandita in Occident si putin cunoscuta in Romania, dating profil writer in principiu traducerea unui software in vederea personalizarii acestuia in anumite limbi.

Insa nici aici nu a lucrat mult timp si a acceptat oferta unei companii elvetiano-romane de a se ocupa de ceea ce se numeste technical writer. Este vorba de o meserie care la acea data aproape ca nu exista in Romania si se ocupa de intocmirea documentatiei tehnice manuale de utilizare, de instalare etc. Un technical writer trebuie in primul rand sa interactioneze cu programatorii si sa intocmeasca aceasta documentatie.

In momentul in care a acceptat acest post la compania elvetiano-romana, Doru Voin a plecat in Elvetia si trebuia sa se ocupe de documentatia pentru un program de tranzactionare cu actiuni care era dezvoltat de firma respectiva.

Colaborarea a durat insa doar dating profil writer luni si, din motive personale, a trebuit sa renunte. Manualele de documentatie pentru RAV, de exemplu, au fost facute de mine", continua Voin. Doru Voin nu a putut pleca pentru ca nu era programator.

Deadly Party or the criminalization of Venezuelan writers

Nu am avut insa nici timp si nici bani. Acum le aveam pe amandoua", explica Doru Voin.

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In vara lui lucra deja pentru niste clienti ca freelancer. Vroia o firma care sa se ocupe in principal de traduceri, in principal tehnice, dar si de technical writing.

Companiile specializate in outsourcing care activeaza pe piata romaneasca prefera sa subcontracteze partea de technical writing si de aceea potentialul pietei este destul de ridicat. E destul de greu sa angajeze un intreg departament specializat care nu va avea de lucru decat cateva luni pe an.

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Doru Voin a inceput ca freelancer, mai intai ocupandu-se exclusiv de traduceri tehnice. Dupa o perioada destul de scurta insa nu a mai putut face fata comenzilor si a inceput sa angajeze colaboratori. Firma Voin Traduceri Tehnice a infiintat-o in luna iulie a anului trecut. A investit initial circa 5.

Technical writer, o noua meserie in Romania

Desi la inceput avea comenzi, ii trebuia totusi o promovare si o diversificare a portofoliului de clienti. S-a gandit ca cea mai buna promovare este cea pe Internet, asa ca si-a dezvoltat site-ul www.

Practicam preturi ridicate, insa si calitatea lucrarilor este superioara. De aceea ne-am axat la inceput doar pe comenzile de traduceri tehnice din strainatate.

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