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This is a record of all phone calls from your base in the past 24 hours. The results were not satisfactory as the heavy smoke generat- ed by the missile made accurate guidance very difficult with the existing optical system. I was listening to your conversation at the reactor base. Daca va razganditi, avansul va fi returnat doar daca si cand un alt client va achizitiona produsul pe care l-ati comandat. Scopul colectarii datelor este de a face dovada ca persoanele care intra in posesia produselor si serviciilor comercializate de catre firma S.

Reichweite bis m Gefechtskopf 5.

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Focke and his team between and at the French firm S. However it was a long time before the final version of the Alouette II took off on its maiden flight on 12th March This enabled it to reach a performance that could not be equalled by any competitor. The first machines were delivered in mid and used for training the new helicopter pilots.

In addition to the standard type of skid landing gear, the Alouette II could also be dating gear army army with wheeled landing gear if the army flying units wished to use it for special missions that neces- sitated the unhindered use of the winch. In addition to that, it could quickly be equipped with float landing gear for landing on water. The versatility of the Alouette II covered such a broad spectrum that the machine is still in service with the German army flying units today after over 45 years.

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In the sixties, the ever-increasing threat to the west from the growing strength of the tank units of the eastern block dating gear army army the German army to consider using helicopters to combat these units. By way of armament they had the Norda missile known as the SS, that could be used against ground targets by helicopters, vehicles and ships. The rocket, which was 1.

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In order to test the Alouette II with the SS as an anti-tank helicopter the rear seat was removed and replaced by electronic equip- ment.

The guidance system of the SS was built in front of the left seat and could be operated by the gunner using a sighting sys- tem.

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Two SSs could be carried on each of two side-mounted outriggers. The firing tests were carried out by a test flight from army training squadron at Achum near Bückeburg on 14 to The results were not satisfactory as the heavy smoke generat- ed by the missile made accurate guidance very difficult with the existing optical system.

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Of 49 missiles fired 4 were duds and 10 hit the target. The additional weight of the missiles and equipment quickly brought the Alouette II to its limits due to inadequate engine power.

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Its use was therefore unthinkable. A total of five machines are known to have been equipped with the SS — and some of these only with dummies.

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All of these machines can be built with the decals in the Revell model kit.