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The Nordin 20SA expertly regulates gas pressure for reliability and fantastic handling on all of its loads. And the powder against bedbugs, it's French. Ammo All previously released gauge shotgun ammo is compatible with the Nordin 20SA, along with one new ammunition type specifically designed to hunt ducks the 20GA Steel Birdshot, read more below. Am ales să utilizez un nume obișnuit franțuzesc.

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  • Am împrumutat câteva sticle de vin franțuzesc.
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Providing the impression of a lush, fertile and safe feeding zone, these full-body decoy will trick even the most cautious of Mallards, causing them to break formation and land close by. Waterfowl Blind: The perfect blind for hunting Mallards close to the lakeshore.

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When deployed, it allows the hunter to blend in better with the surrounding scenery, while still retaining a high degree of mobility and freedom to aim.

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There was an inflatable frog that came out of a French restaurant in Vegas. E un restaurant franțuzesc nou în Hotelul Ambassador. There's a new French bistro in the Ambassador Hotel.

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Îmi va aduce din Franța niște parfum franțuzesc adevărat. He's going to bring me back some real French perfume from France.

Floating Duck Decoy Test Part 1: Waterfowl Wednesday

Dup-aia va trebui să pronunți cu accent franțuzesc. And then you've got to say it with a French accent. Fiind un restaurant franțuzesc, am fost surprins. I just, you know, because it was a French restaurant I was surprised.

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A avut un restaurant în cartierul franțuzesc. He had a restaurant in the French Quarter, you know. Într-adevăr, este un cuvânt franțuzesc.

Nordin 20SA: The perfect companion for a hunter with a full day planned, the 20GA Semi-auto is a versatile arm for a demanding shooter. The Nordin 20SA expertly regulates gas pressure for reliability and fantastic handling on all of its loads.

Am ales să utilizez un nume obișnuit franțuzesc. I've chosen to use typically French name. Un nume cool pe care să-l spui cu accent franțuzesc este Ashtahn Kootchere.

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A cool name to say with a French accent is Ashtahn Kootchere. Cred că se aseamănă cu cuvântul tău franțuzesc.

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I think it's like that French word of yours. Momeli pentru rațe și mostre de sol franțuzesc. Duck decoys and French soil samples.

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Mereu primesc pachete cu mâncare, țigări și parfum franțuzesc.