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Din acest punct de vedere, cele două etape majore din evoluţia net. By giving personal information and uploading textual, audio and visual files we become our own avatars while our profile becomes our external memory. Virtual or online identity is a digital representation of the personal self, a profile, digital body, and public displays of identity boyd where people can explore impression management Goffman. Art in Life Art in the public space is another important issue again. In social interactions, the roles and identities were performed and contextually, consensually and discursively conditioned long before the internet, as shown in extensive writings of Erving Goffman, Judith Butler, Michel Foucault, and many others.

Сьюзан чуть не свалилась со стула. - Что. - Может случиться так, что компьютер, найдя нужный ключ, продолжает поиски, как бы не понимая, что нашел то, что искал.

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