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Tickets cannot be purchased on the train, though you can try bribing the guard. The charge is cursory: 4 lei per small bag per 24 hours, 7 lei for a bigger bag. A list of 24 hour pharmacies can be found on page The only gripe we would have with this 3D cinema the first to open in Romania is the creative pricing: tickets never appear to cost what you expect. You do not need to use the city code, whether calling from a landline or a mobile.

Ignore all of the services on offer here, especially the currency exchange desks.

Instead, grab your luggage if it fails to arrive head for the small office on the right hand of side of the exitand head off through customs to the arrivals area. Here there are loads of ATMs, a press shop and a small cafe. To the right is a passage leading to the departures terminal, lined with car hire desks and a few shops, including a chemist.

To order a taxi, look for the touchscreens in the arrivals hall.

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They are fully automated and very easy speed ​​dating courtyard hereford use and offer multiple-language optionsand you can choose a taxi from just about the full range of Bucharest taxi companies: all have their tariffs clearly displayed. Once the taxi company has informed you via a ticket which comes out of the machine how long the taxi will take to arrive, and what ID number the taxi has, you simply go outside to wait for it.

Make sure you get into the correct taxi: check the company name and ID number is the same as on the ticket. Ignore the Rapid taxis which wait on the lower level. For those who want to head into town in a bit more comfort than your average visitor, there are three good private car options: TransVision airport-transfer-bucharest.

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All three companies offer a comfortable, reliable airport transfer service at decent prices. You can also get to town by taking buswhich stops underneath the arrivals hall, in front of internal arrivals and leaves for the city centre stopping at Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana and Piata Universitatii every 30 minutes during the day, and then every 40 minutes throughout the night.

All forms of public transport in Bucharest are very cheap. Thats all very well if you are resident of Titan working at IMGB, but useless to almost everybody else. The city centre is poorly served by the metro and only the north-south M2 line, from Pipera to Berceni, which passes through Piatas Victoriei, Romana and Unirii, and the M1 branch to the Gara de Nord, are likely to be of any use to visitors. In our listings, all venues which are within walking distance of a metro station carry the M symbol.

The full timetable of the bus is online at ratb. Another bus, theruns from the airport to Gara de Nord from to roughly every 30 minutes.

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You need to purchase an Activ Card before boarding get it from the little booth which youll find on your right-hand side as you exit. A return journey into the city costs 7 lei no singles are available, but there is no time limit on using the return.

You also need to pay 3. The cards cannot be bought on board. There is also a train which connects the airport to the main railway station, Gara de Nord.

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The train departs at irregular intervals, however, and to get to the airports station you need to take a minibus. Tiickets are available from a counter in the Arrivals hall.

Look out for the Bilete CFR sign. Most buses are overcrowded, however, and travelling on them can often be a less than pleasant experience.

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Buses, trolleybuses and trams run from very early in the morning around to around earlier at weekendsafter which the night buses take over. The night bus network is extensive, and operates an hourly service throughout the night.

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All night buses depart from Piata Unirii. These cards cost 3. They need to be loaded with credit minimum 5 lei and are reusable.

The card is then debited each time you validate it at one of the orange devices located on buses, trams and trolleybuses. One trip costs 1.

Когда толпа приблизилась к мощным каменным стенам почти вплотную, Беккер снова попытался вырваться, но течение стало еще более интенсивным. Трепет ожидания, волны, сносившие его то влево, то вправо, закрытые глаза, почти беззвучное движение губ в молитве. Он попытался вернуться назад, но совладать с мощным потоком было невозможно - все равно как плыть против сильного течения могучей реки. Беккер обернулся. Двери оказались прямо перед ним, словно приглашая его принять участие в празднестве, до которого ему не было никакого дела.

On all forms of public transport in Bucharest children under the age of seven travel free. After that they need a full-price ticket.

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We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors. This is where I was born, and where I grew up. I know both the bright and dark sides of every nook and cranny.

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I have learned the history of each stone, and experienced romance while wandering in Herastrau Park or admiring the city by night. I have traveled a lot, but I have always come back home with infinite joy in order to discover my Bucharest over and over again.

Bucharest in Your Pocket

I am sure that there would have been no better place in Romania to build my medical career, with all the professional and academic opportunities that a capital city like Bucharest can offer.

Yet I understood that for everything you get in this life you have to give something back. That is why now, as the Mayor of Bucharest, I commit myself to giving the people of this city a place to live in, not just a place to dwell in. Bucharest is Romanias most important cultural, economic, financial and political centre. It generates more than 20 per cent of the countrys GDP and is inhabited by more than 10 per cent of the Romanian population. All major financial, political and executive institutions are based here.

As one of speed ​​dating courtyard hereford European capitals, Bucharest is eager to share its cultural heritage with the community and the whole world.

Identităţile Chişinăului. Materialele Conferinţei , 12-13 Septembrie 2011, Chişinău

I therefore invite you to explore this wonderful city, to discover its mystery and take its pulse: Bucharest is always ready to surprise and impress its guests with its eternal and motley poetry.

The exceptions are animated films, which - at the multiplexes - can usually be viewed in the original language subtitrat or dubbed into Romanian dublat. To find out which films are showing, check the individual websites of each cinema, or browse the full programme of the citys cinemas at www. The best complex of cinemas in the city, offering ten screens, good popcorn and comfortable seats.

Q Tickets Q Tickets lei. Progresului Liberty Centertel. The only gripe we would have with this 3D cinema the first to open in Romania is the creative pricing: tickets never appear to cost what you expect. Violent crime is rare and almost always carried out exclusively between rival gangs fighting for the control of territory in the citys lesssalubrious areas.

If you do not go looking for trouble, the chances of you getting into speed ​​dating courtyard hereford are tiny.


While pickpockets are everywhere you should be particularly careful on crowded buses, and always watch your bag in busy pubs and clubspetty thieves are by and large a cowardly lot in Romania and will run a mile at the first sign of any resistance. Knife-crime is unheard of, and even women can walk the citys streets alone at night in relative safety.

The Romanian police force is also far better and less corrupt than it used to be and keeps a visual presence on the citys streets, especially in busy areas such as Old Town at night.

In a nutshell though, do not worry. Of all Bucharests many, many problems, crime really is one of the least of them. Just keep your wits about you, apply common sense and all will be well.

You do not need to use the city code, whether calling from a landline or a mobile. Emergency call centre operators should speak English or French but in our experience they do not always do so. At least make sure you know the name of the street you are calling from. If you get into trouble with the Police, demand to call your embassy.

There speed ​​dating courtyard hereford a list on page The citys main police station is the brand new building at B-4 Str. Lascar Cartagiu 22, tel. More details in the Health box on page There is a list of Pharmacies on page 91, and an English speaking Dentist on page Customs Regulations While Romania joined the European Union EU inwhich should facilitate the complete, unfettered movement of goods between member countries, United Kingdom customs officers appear not to have noticed.

As such you are only permitted to take cheap cigarettes purchased in Romania to the UK with you we feel obliged to point out, however, that you will be passing through the blue channel on arrival in the UK and the chances of being stopped are almost zero If you are travelling elsewhere in the EU, there are no limits on the amount of cigarettes you can bring home from Romania.

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Alcohol is similarly unrestricted. For those of you travelling outside of the EU when leaving Romania, you should check the import limits on fags and booze with your destination country before travelling. The export of some antiques purchased in Romania especially old religious icons is subject to the completion of tedious paperwork, although any reputable antiques store or dealer will be able to take care of this for you.

We also explain a little about the background to the Romanian revolution, as well as the aftermath: The Mineriada of June Very well. For anyone brought up in a country like Britain, which gets its knickers in a twist at the first sign of a light dusting of snow, the sight of Bucharests trams and buses running when the snow is metres deep and its blowing a blizzard is a thing of wonder. Last year the worst winter for decades - RATB the Bucharest public transport operator kept the city moving: buses and trams kept going when even the biggest and baddest four wheel drives had to be left in the garage. Of speed ​​dating courtyard hereford, it is not all good news.

Ask when buying if you are not sure. Etiquette In their own homes, Romanians are by and large fabulous hosts.

So much so that making friends and getting yourself invited should be top of your list of things to do while in the country! You had better be hungry, because the food never stops coming, on and on, dish after dish. You must bring something: flowers, chocolates or a bottle of good whisky. You will probably be offered local brandy, uica. It will grow on you. Most Romanians love to chat about their country, its politics, problems and troubled history.

Dont be surprised if they ask you very direct questions. In all cases, it is probably best to be diplomatic in response.