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As in fine watches, base plates are m illed a nd drilled to close tolerances, and gears a re cut and scra tch-brushed. For example, shutter and diap hragm blades have a wear-resisting matte black surface coat which reduces danger of lens fl a re even after years of use.

The range finder operates by changing the direction of one beam to bring the two beams into alignment in the eyepiece.

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In coupled range find ers, the movable prism or other means for d eflecting the one beam of light is linked with the focusing mechanism in such a manner that the lens is focuseda t all times, for the point of convergence of the two beams forming the aligned image. The K odak Service R a nge Finder contains a scale which transl ates a ngle of convergence to linear distance directly.

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  • The softness produced is desirable in many pictures, such as landscapes.
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With subject distance thus determined, the ca mera can be set according to its focusing scale. The second image of the same subject is reflected through movable prism dlens eupper coincid ence prism f on to the latter's front part where it forms m ovable upper half of the image.

The prism g erects the in verted image of both halves for normal viewing through collecting lens h and eye lens i.

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The focusing mount of the ca mera lens is coupled with the m ovable prism d. When both image halves are in alignment, the camera lens is focused on the subject seen aligned in the range finder. In cameras for which a range finder of a long physical base is impractical, the effective base is, in some cases, lengthened optically.


With lenses of moderate focal length, the depth of field is infinite beyond one hundred feet, and a range finder with a relatively short base has sufficient craftsman ratchet dating. Ease and speed of aligning the two image halves in the range finder, es pecially under unfavorable light conditions, depend upon their size a nd clarity.

For this reason, split-field range finders w ith two clear, brilliant fields showing magnified images of the subject focused on are used extensively by the Navy and Army. All Kodak range finders are of the split-field, mili tary type.

Kodak Reference Handbook [PDF|TXT]

Range finders are an a id to more nearly accurate focusing, and consequently to sharper and crisper pictures. They are, however, especia ll y useful when distances m ust be determined accurately, for example, in close-up work and when high-speed lenses are used at wide apertures.

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I n a ddition, photographic range finders are useful for measuring other dista nces craftsman ratchet dating exactness contributes toward better pictures. For example, a range finder can be used in some cases to measure the lamp-to-subject distance in picture taking with artificial light. It can a lso be used to determine whether near and fa r objects in the picture are within the depth of fie ld given by indicator or table for a o·iven lens setting.

Good range finders are precision instruments and should be treated as such. All outside glass surfaces should be kept clean.

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A range finder should never be tampered with, and if it is in need of adjustment, on ly a com petent repairman or the factory should be a ll owed to do this work. This base assures adequate focusing with telephoto lenses for this camera.

Coupling of range finder to all the various lenses is automatic, accurate, and positive. An adjustable eyepiece permits accommodation for differences in eyesight.


The ocular can be adjusted for individual eyesight. When sheet film or film packs are used, range finder and focusing scale are automatically adjusted to the different film plane. I t measures distance from "Inf. Its base is 1H-" without magnification.


Its base of 17'2" is, without magnification, sufficient for accurate measurements at this close range. Kodak shuHers are carefully checked for accuracy and e ffici e ncy on special electronic testing apparatus. The scope of a shutter is not determined by the number a nd ra nge of speeds alone. It is of equal importa nce that the exposure be sufficiently accurate and consistent a t every speed indicated.

To achieve this in K od ak shutters, physicists and engineers have worked out designs, chemists have tested a nd selected the most suitable raw ma teria ls. For example, shutter and diap hragm blades have a wear-resisting matte black surface coat which reduces danger of lens fl a re even after years of use. Craftsmen, many of whom were leading watchmakers, have created a timing piece of great accuracy, sturdiness, craftsman ratchet dating efficiency.

As in fine watches, base plates are m illed a nd drilled to close tolerances, and gears a re cut and scra tch-brushed.

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Wholehearted co-operation between desig ner and craftsman, modern precision manufacturing methods, a nd more than fifty years' exper ience in making shutters have created a line of Koda k shutters, each one of which com pares favorably with a ny shutter of similar type a nd price: While various means, such as rotating disks, dropping slides, e tc.

Shutter speeds are changed by turning speed selecting ring d which, by means of cams shown as dashed line, actuates controls. The step-shaped cam at e controls exten t of engagemen t craftsman ratchet dating gear sector f with one member of gear train retard mechanism g and a cam, not showncontrols position of an oscillating pallet relative to a ratchet wheel.

The release lever is marked i and the socket for the cable release k.

Flash discharges with no time lag are 0 s u mn w X r P synchronized with shutter blade action by an electric circuit formed through prongs l and closing it at m through post n which moves craftsman ratchet dating as blades open. Photoflash lamps with 5 milliseconds time lag are synchronized by sliding "F" on the limiting stop o opposite index p. Clockwise movement of lever q sets up spring tension through gear train r and moves cam s upwards.

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Downward pressure on lever i now allows its extension t to move sideways to cam u. Lever v follows and opposite end closes contacts w. This releases gear train whichcraftsman ratchet dating downward movement of step between cams sand uactuates lever t and releases shutter so blades are fully opened about 5 milliseconds after electric circuit has been closed. Synchronizing flash lamps with 20 milliseconds time lag is accomplished similarly.

Limiting stop o at "M" permits extended movement of lever q which, in addition to the action described above, engages oscillating pallet x. The pallet's action slows down counterclockwise travel of "step" and shutter is released so that " fully open" is reached about 20 milliseconds after contacts w have closed.

Kodak Reference Handbook

Between-the-Lens or Central ShuHers open from the center and close toward the center. Exposure time depends upon the speed of opening and closing and the time the shutter remains open. There are two types- the self-setting or automatic, and the presetting shutter. Asta dacă dorești cu adevărat o soluție adaptată nevoilor și dorințelor tale, care să îți asigure și economii.

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